German-Chinese union collaborative Innovation Technology
Transformation Win-win cooperation

Sino-German Innovative City Cooperation Forum

Time: 5th June, 2019, 14:00—17:30

Venue: AXICA Convention Center, Berlin, Germany


Opening Remarks:

–  Economic counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Germany

–  Mr. Štefan Füle, Vice Chairman of the European Chamber

–  Director General of International Cooperation Center, NDRC

–  Mr. Sascha Schubert, Vice President of German Startups Association

–  Mayor of Taicang Municipality

–  German AHK representative (TBD)


Keynote Speech: City and the innovation ecosystem (8 minutes each)

Cities’ approaches of fostering innovation ecosystems, achieving the goal of innovative clusters, and enhancing the innovation ability

※ Taicang’s experience of German subnational investment

–Mr. Wang Hongxing, member of the standing committee of Taicang


※Cooperation model of Sino-German innovative city

–Mr. Axel Fuchs, Mayor of Jülich, North Rhine-Westphalia

※Exploration of Sino-German innovation Cooperation

–Prof. Dr. -Ing. Lei Xianzhang, President of Chinesische F&E Innovations Union in Deutschland e.V. (CFEID. e.V.)

※Constructing innovative ecosystem in industrial park

–Mr. Matthias Müller, Deputy General Manager, German Centre for Industry and Trade

※Innovative advantages and cooperation needs of Germany

–Mr. Frank Henkel, Former Senator and Mayor of Berlin, Member of the Berlin House of Representatives, Member of the Committee for Economics, Energy and Companies

※Innovative cooperation model of BMW project in China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang

–Mrs. Bian Yi, Director of External cooperation Office, China- Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang Municipality


Initiative of Sino-German Innovation Cooperation Alliance

※ The significance and meaning of Sino-German Innovation     Cooperation Alliance

※ Initiative of Sino-German Innovation Cooperation Alliance

Launching of Jointly Building the China-German Innovative Cooperation Cities (Taicang city)

16:10-16:30: Coffee break


Panel discussion: Cross-Border Innovation Cooperation

between Chinese and German enterprises   

Approaches of innovative cooperation between German and Chinese enterprises through Chinese innovative cities.

(2 Panel discussions: 25 minutes and 5 participants for each discussion)

Panel discussion 1:

※ How business and industry associations help Chinese and German enterprises to achieve cooperation on innovation via cities

–Host: Vice President of German Startups Association

–Panelists: representatives from German specialized industry associations, International Technology Transfer Network, German companies and consulting agencies

Panel discussion 2:

※ How Chinese enterprises set up innovation centers in Germany and carry out joint R&D with German partners; How German enterprises enlarge business scale and innovation cooperation in China.

–Host: Mr. Alexander Yu Li, Director of Asian Division of INFRANEU

–Panelists: representatives from SAP,  KPMG Europe, Chinese industrial park operators and German innovative enterprises.

17:30-19:30: Banquet