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New Energy Vehicle Technology Development Seminar was held

On the morning of October 19th, 2018, New Energy Vehicle Technology Development Seminar was held at NIO GmbH. The members attending the conference included alliance members, representatives of well-known companies in the automotive industry, and Chinese-funded research companies that have great interest in joining the alliance. At the meeting, Dr. Gao Hailong presented the state of the art technology of electrical machine and drive. Dr. Yin Hang, the Secretary-General of the Alliance and senior manager of GEIRI Europe, made relevant introductions on the E-mobility and EV Charging Infrastructures in China, which caused a lot of concern and get a great response. Mr. Oliver Arafat, Senior Solutions Architect from Alibaba Cloud, added humor to the conference without losing key technology and the content depth. Mr. Huang Wei, the managing director of CATL, who has worked in the battery industry for many years, made a profound share based on the theme of the current status and development trend of new energy vehicle battery technology, and won the applause of the audience. The meeting aroused the strong interest of all conventioneers to join the alliance. At the same time, the alliance aims to build a bridge for the members of the alliance to explore the convergence of the research areas of each member with the new energy vehicle field. In the end, the meeting hope that all members could brainstorm and create more sparks in future seminars and broaden the boundaries of the “new energy vehicle” research field, and hope that the members of the alliance can exchange and cooperate in depth to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by the Joint Intention Statement.