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the CFEID was officially registered as an association with legal entity

On July 8th, 2018, the CFEID was officially registered as an association with legal entity in Germany. Mr. Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology of China, officially unveiled the alliance and held in-depth discussions with the members of the alliance. Participants expressed their experience in reporting to R&D and innovation in Germany with their respective experiences. They expressed their willingness to play their own advantages and led German companies, universities, research institutes and China to deepen cooperation in relevant scientific and technological innovation fields, created the new model of cooperation “cooperative R&D, joint production and global promotion.” and gave suggestions on how overseas Chinese companies can participate in China’s international scientific and technological innovation cooperation. The participating institutions involved German advanced technology fields such as new energy, intelligent manufacturing, semiconductor lighting, and engineering machinery.
In his speech, Minister Wang Zhigang pointed out that after the establishment of the CFEID, it should be considered how to play a combined advantage of one plus one is greater than two in the alliance so that enterprises can play a greater role in technological innovation and Sino-German cooperation in science and technology. Mr. Wang Zhigang said that after two or three years of hard work, when we look back on such a ceremony and behavior, we can calmly and proudly say that the decisions and actions made at the beginning were correct and effective, and that only one company or expert could not reach this level, this is the role of cooperation, the role of integration.