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The annual summary meeting was held

The annual summary meeting was held on October 18th, 2017. The members of the alliance who attended the meeting carefully studied the report of president Xi Jinping’s “Nineteenth National Congress”, reviewed and summarized the development of the Alliance in 2017, and deliberated and determined the key work in 2018. The chairman of the alliance, the director of the State Grid’s European Office and the dean of the European Research Institute, Professor Lei Xianzhang, reviewed and summarized the work of the alliance on the frontier technology exchange platform and the creation of a high-tech incubation platform in the past year. They were awarded the “Patent Innovation Award” by the State Grid GEIRI Europe, the “International Cooperation Innovation Award” by the Rail Transit Research and Development Center, the “Product Design Innovation Award” by Sengled, the “Green Energy Innovation Award” by the Tenth Wind Farm, “the Best Investment and Innovation Award” of Xu Gong Europe and Mr. Wang Jinghua’s “Special Contribution Award”. The members and individuals of the Innovation Alliance were fully affirmed. After exchanging their respective innovations, the participating members said that the party’s “Nineteenth National Congress” pointed out the direction for the development of the alliance. The German Chinese-funded enterprises should also be able to make greater contributions to promote Sino-German joint innovation, help international advanced technologies into China and serve domestic talents.